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I'm a yoga teacher and a 9 to 6 office worker. A follower of Jesus and a lover of yoga. A city-dweller and a girl who grew up in nature. An expat and an immigrant. I call Brussels home and a small harbor town on America's west coast home as well. 

Sound familiar? Our lives are busy, complicated, beautiful and always in search of healing. We live in the heartbeat of the Capital of Europe, in the midst of a tri-lingual country, surrounded by politics, innovation, rainy cobblestones and incredible chocolate.

My teaching is inspired by the incredible instructors who trained me from Holy Yoga, CrossYoga and the Living Soul Yoga Leadership Institute. With over 600 hours of training, I design my classes to be welcoming to all and full of options.

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My classes provide a space for letting go. For breathing deep. For calm and rest and grace. Come and stretch with us. Build strength with us. Maybe even take a moment to consider the Divine dwelling all around us.

Currently offering online classes at 7:15am CET on Tuesday mornings.

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Lana is an inspiring yoga teacher. During her classes I can reconnect with myself, with my inner wisdom, and with my ability to live with purpose and passion. She always creates a relaxed environment where you can step on the mat and expand into your body. 

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